Interview Tips to Get Hired

1. Know where to go.

There’s nothing like driving to a job interview and realizing you don’t know the exact building where the meeting is being held.  Map out the fastest route to the job’s interview site and visit a day or two prior your actual interview. If you can, check out the inside of the building and learn the exact location of where you’ll need to go.

2. Get your ZZZZZ’s.

Pre-interview anxiety is no fun and can cause a significant loss of sleep in the days leading up to your interview. Try to maximize your sleep for several days before your interview and avoid alcohol and anything else that may decrease the quality or quantity of your sleep.

3. Learn about your potential employer.

Learn as much as you can about the company or organization. If you understand their organization, you will be able to speak with more confidence when asked questions about them.

4. Prepare for the hard questions.

Have someone else play the role of the interviewer, and practice looking them in the eye and responding to the questions that are hardest for you to answer. Practice will help you feel less anxious about the tough ahead.

5. Consider it a conversation.

If you go into an interview feeling like you’re on trial, you’re going to be nervous; it’s a two-way conversation and you should treat it that way. Remember that you are also interviewing them; and be prepared to ask questions during your interview.

6. Understand your weaknesses and strengths.

Trust me, you’ll be asked about strengths and your weaknesses. Be sure to know exactly how you’ll respond to such questions.

7. Take your time.

If you need more time before answering a question, taking a sip of water can give you a few seconds to think about your response.

8. Take notes.

Taking notes can help when trying to stall for time during a difficult question. Taking notes also can help keep your hands busy avoiding any undesirable nervous ticks or movements.

9. Dress comfortably.

Choose clothes that fit well and help you to feel confident, professional, and attractive.

10. Eating before the interview.

A healthy breakfast will set you up for a great day. Avoid items that are known to cause you an upset stomach or gas.

11. Breathe.

Always remember to breath.  Steady, calm breathing helps steady the nervous system and calm anxiety.